Unlocking Services Faqs

Once you have provided us with your IMEI number and basic details we will select our database to confirm your unlock code, depending on the make and model. Once we have confirmed your phone unlock we’ll email or text you some really simple final instructions to complete the unlocking process.
This depends on the make and model, unlocking process can take a few days or even upto 2 weeks – some phones can be unlocked in a few hours.
Cost varies depending on make and model of the phone and what carrier its unlocked to, once you give us basic information like your phone IMEI Number and carrier its locked to, you’ll get instant phone unlock price.
Dial *#06# on your keypad, your IMEI number will be displayed.
Simply insert a sim card which you want to use and start the phone, upon restarting you should be prompted to enter an unlock code, this is where you enter the unlock code we sent you.
You are not legally obligated to keep your phone locked to the carrier which you are under contract with. You are however, legally obligated to continue paying off your contract for the minimum agreed contract-period. This is a popular option for people who may suffer from poor coverage in their local area, want to avoid roaming limits when travelling by using local SIM cards or have simply entered into the wrong contract and need more data or minutes.

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