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How It Works

Devices that can be recycled


Spare parts from your phone can be recycled and utilized to train potential technicians.


Further spare parts in laptops can also be recycled and reused.

Personal Computers

Desktop parts can also be retrieved and reused. Book a slot and gather your e-waste to find out more.


Your iPad/Tablet has spare parts that can definitely be used to train potential technicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the gadget that you send in is not completely damaged, some amount will given to you.

You can send a phone, smartphone, laptop, personal computer, iPad, Tablet, camera or TV.

Mostly the devices are refurbished and reused or if the damage is way too much only some of the parts that are still working properly are used as spares. The Devices is also used for training potential technicians.

Before we accept the device, we will need to take a look at how much damage has been done and whether its broken in a manner that no part of it can be utilized.

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