Phone Repair Faqs

Initiate your repair by filling out the appointment form on our website or call/email us now to book a diagnosis for your devices. We accept receiving devices via post or by delivering it to us yourself, please ensure that you use appropriate packaging when using the postal service.
Yes we provide warranty to all our repairs followed by original spares (excluding liquid/physical damage). The warranty relates to the work we perform and not to any other unrelated fault that may develop within the 90 days period following the original repair.
Any repairs not done by the manufacturer will void your warranty. So it’s our strong recommendation to check the relevant papers with you for warranty details.
Data is a sensitive matter however our priority is to restore your device to its normal working condition. In some occasions, data on the device must be wiped as part of the repair process. We strongly advise that you backup your data regularly to avoid losing your information permanently.
No. We are not authorized by any of the brands. We only repair out of warranty phones. If your phone is still under warranty, we recommend you to visit authorized service center.

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